Every house needs a Tupperware Composter

Probably Tupperware would be there in every kitchen in its one form or the other with its plethora food preparation, serving and storage products. Now Tupperware has come up a solution for the food scraps and waste that we generate everyday.... The Tupperware Compost.... the pictures explains it all ... and If you do know where to get one from ... please let us know too! Designed by Ken Jasinski for Tupperware, Via: Coroflot


  1. Kais
  2. Priyadarshini

    vijay n me are planning to get one of these simple home Composters for our garden.
    check this http://www.dailydump.org/products/kambha
    On this site you’ll find information the products, plus free material on everything you need to start your own composting project, faster than you can say ‘biodegradable’.

  3. Nik (Author)

    @ Priyadarshini : That is indeed very nice … I can see two fold benefits with the ” Khamba”
    1. It ads ornamental value to the garden , against having a synthetic, box like composter in the corner
    2. and very importantly, even the composter itself is “biodegradable”

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