Flat, Flexible Loudspeaker

Seemed like an APRIL Fools Gag to me , but looks real ... A groundbreaking new loudspeaker, less than 0.25mm thick, has been developed by University of Warwick engineers, using technology that could signal the beginning of the end for conventional speakers. Lightweight and inexpensive to manufacture, the speakers are slim and flexible: they could be concealed inside ceiling tiles or car interiors, or printed with a design and hung on the wall like a picture. Pioneered by University of Warwick spin-out company, Warwick Audio Technologies, the  ‘Flat, Flexible Loudspeaker’ (FFL) is ideal for public spaces as it delivers directional sound waves, which project further than sound from conventional speakers. Steve Couchman, CEO of Warwick Audio Technologies, is passionate about the technology and believes it could entirely replace the speakers currently used in homes and in cars, as well as in public address systems used in passenger terminals and shopping centres. http://www.warwickaudiotech.com/

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