Save Water!

Water will be a rare commodity soon! Or rather it already is ... Earlier we understand this fact and start conserving , better for us and the future. These three gizmos may be not totally practical , in terms of costs and current recession cycle but they are too good to be just ignored. These gizmos save/conserve water while showering and more than that they can be a constant reminder that we need to save water every time we see them in our shower ... Designers: Nallieli Santamaraia, Brad Smith, Franklin Crosby, Raymond Bessemer, Sergio Coronado & Sean Whang REFRESH-N-REMIND displays the amount of water you used in the earlier shower you had and how much you are currently using , which probably intuitively tells us to use a little less than earlier. REDUCE-YOUR-USE Mat has embedded sensors that switch on the shower as soon as you get within the cascade range, and automatically switches it off, when we move away. RELAX-N-REUSE Seat is probably the simplest of the ideas. This consists of a seat that you sit whilst bathing. The gaps in the seat lead the water to storage pitchers that collect your used bath water. This water can be recycled for watering plants etc. Oh and we already do that in our native place, where the bath outlet directly runs into the palm fields ... :) Save Water & Happy Recycling

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