The Cliff Hanger House

Awe!  I wish I lived in one of those ... Kangaroo Valley house that is located two hours south of Sydney, Australia. Alexander Michael ( The lucky Owner) : The house at Kangaroo Valley is our own weekend house, so we (my partner and I) were the clients. We were searching for a property on the coast of Tuscany. When we realised we couldn’t afford even a dump; we had to look closer to home. A client suggested we take a drive to Kangaroo Valley where they had a house. She gave me the number of the agent, so I phoned and said “I’d like one-hundred acres, privacy, water, rain forest, and lots of views”, thinking; what the hell, go for it! It literally took twenty minutes before we saw the property, and said, “Yes, we’ll take it”. And why wouldn't he!!!!!! Via

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