Would You Like To Live in A Container… I Would!

These guys  make living in shipping containers  and water pipes look like  fantasy ... Designer Adams Kalkin proposed an extra portable house Illy Push The Button House made inside a standard shipping container, that by means of hydraulic system in terms of pushing the button unfold to a house that reveals a kitchen, dinning room, living room and bedroom and even a library. The only problem is an absence of the roof. Via Modern Architecture & Design news

Create by designer Andreas Strauus as a new form of accommodation near Austrian city Linz, This hotel, opened from May till Octobre, is designed from unused increadible robust drain pipes, made from concrete. Simple look-like exterior covers entire 2 metres long room with a double-bed and storage. Other facillities are around, so the hotel integrate to the going of neighbourhood. Cells offers a temporary, comfortable and uncomplicated home. And the bonus: the night in this feature cost as much as you propose to pay.

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