Lighting Battery

Designer: Lu Yi Lu Yi says:
The structure of the lighting battery is quite simple. We change nothing in the traditional battery structure, but install the minitype LED in the opening of the separatrix of anode and cathode on the top (or bottom) of the battery and conceal the conductive foil beneath the battery package film, which simplifies on/off function. The advantages of such an easy structure are as follows:
  • Nothing has been changed in the traditional battery structure and changes in the production process of lighting batteries are slight. Therefore, it is easy for production.
  • The lighting structure does not occupy any battery space and consequently it will not have any impact on the capacity of the battery.
  • The increased parts are minitype LED and conductive foil, which are cheap. Therefore, the production cost is comparatively low.
  • LED boasts a pretty long service life, so recycling is achievable and it is more environmentally friendly. We can see that such low costs and tiny amelioration may enhance so many new functions of a battery.

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