Knowledge is NOT EQUAL to Understanding [The Backwards Bicycle]

Few things in life could be so simple to learn, like knowing to ride a bicycle. But […]

Best Vines Magic Zach King Compilation

Tesla’s Powerwall Home Battery: The Stuff Worth Knowing

Elon Musk recently unveiled Tesla Energy and the Powerwall home battery…. Tesla Launches Batteries For Homes, Businesses, […]

Acquaskipper Sea Fly! Waterbird

Amazing dance a brain can’t process

This dance will blow your brain! Your mind can’t process this dance properly due to the costumes

Shadowland by PILOBOLUS

Amazing performance, India’s really got talent …

Amazing performance by two kids on India’s Got Talent contestants{2}

Unique Entrance made by the Bride!

Don’t Move, Don’t Breathe…Just Watch!

Here is one of the most beautiful and impressiv balance act with sticks by Medir. He performed it in the famous french television show of Patrick Sebastien “le plus grand cabaret du monde” (The world greatest Cabaret)

Stripping a Tender Coconut!

Watch this dude remove coconut shell and serve up a naked coconut with only flesh and juice.