Advertising: Mouse Trap Nolan’s Cheddar Seriously Strong



National Skirt Extension Project

Tt would be indeed a fact that some NGO in South Africa , totally out of good causes left to thought about, is truly campaigning for long skirts for the Womens Restroom signboards

This-is-how-I-feel: Caught in a Wrong Job

A German Jobs/HR firm came up with this series of Ad Campaign Posters. The right group of target audience was cleverly targeted “Oon Their Way To Work” … by choosing slot machines at highly frequented subway station….


AIDS Awareness Posters

Fench AIDS Awareness Posters .. Does it need any words to be said ….

Awesome Shopping Bag Designs

I dont remember what I was searching for yesterday , in the first place but it ended up clicking on a link to an ad agency and before i knew it , with the power of HYPERLINKS , I ended up visiting a few sites with some excellent designs of Carry/Shopping Bags

Aseema Abacus

Make every child count

A powerful message in form a storm drain abacus with the message “Make every child count.” was comissioned by Aseema with the goal was to promote the need for education for street children

Snowing Billboards

This billboard is designed as a promotional tool for Tryvann Winter Park, a ski resort just 15 minutes outside of Oslo in Norway. These snowing billboards alert commuters that conditions are optimal for hitting the slopes.