Another Minimal House

I luv houses with clean straight lines … This architects seem to have done a few structures […]


Recycle pet bottles into a house

I bet in parts of India too, where the local management agencies are not providing proper services to deal with disposable products like plastic bottles and bags and the homes from recycled materials keep non-biodegradable products from ending up in rivers or strewn across fields.


Minimal House

The family house with atelier by Maria Castelló is unique with its really simply form. It´s a block on a ground plan of a square (12 x 12 m).

Desert Home

Heat Proof House Design by Lloyd Russell

Simple desert house located in Pioneertown California, the house was made of recycled and durable materials as well as a prominent steel canopy that shelters and shades the home


Slide Stairs

A Kid friendly British architect built his family’s dream home, resulting in a subterranean fun house… a place to called home for parents and kids alike…


Port Townsend Residence

Why did I included it here in the AWE list, was only because of its Kitchen. I quite like the idea of the kitchen having a dining area with proper cushioned seating , like in some restaurants… very comfy!


Bringing Modern into Tate Modern

The current Tate Modern building along the Thames looks like a shed…. These new designs for Tate Modern Extension will probably bring to life the “Modern” in Tate Modern.


Burj Dubai : The Tallest Yet In Making

Burj Dubai is a skyscraper under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is the tallest man-made […]


The Cliff Hanger House

Awe! I wish I lived in one of those … Kangaroo Valley house that is located two hours south of Sydney, Australia….we saw the property, and said, “Yes, we’ll take it”. And why wouldn’t he!!!!!!


A69 Architects : EggO House

The purpose of the project was the construction of a self-contained dwelling unit in the garden of the recently reconstructed house. It was necessary to deal with the dominance of the opposite panel house facade, avoid confrontation with the architecture of the original house and find out a solution that would not parasite on the garden area.