Tesla’s Powerwall Home Battery: The Stuff Worth Knowing

Elon Musk recently unveiled Tesla Energy and the Powerwall home battery…. Tesla Launches Batteries For Homes, Businesses, […]


Poop Bucket With A Mission

We are all well aware of the various sanitation issues that developing countries are facing, the biggest one being poop management.


Recycle pet bottles into a house

I bet in parts of India too, where the local management agencies are not providing proper services to deal with disposable products like plastic bottles and bags and the homes from recycled materials keep non-biodegradable products from ending up in rivers or strewn across fields.

Recycled Character

A Novel Idea and I guess a good business too … This company “CHARACTER OY” in  Helsinki,  recycles […]


Every house needs a Tupperware Composter

Probably Tupperware would be there in every kitchen in its one form or the other with its plethora food preparation, serving and storage products. Now Tupperware has come up a solution for the food scraps and waste that we generate everyday


Save Water!

Water will be a rare commodity soon! Or rather it already is … Earlier we understand this fact and start conserving , better for us and the future. These three gizmos may be not totally practical , in terms of costs and current recession cycle but they are too good to be just ignored

Awesome Shopping Bag Designs

I dont remember what I was searching for yesterday , in the first place but it ended up clicking on a link to an ad agency and before i knew it , with the power of HYPERLINKS , I ended up visiting a few sites with some excellent designs of Carry/Shopping Bags


Mini Hydro Turbine : Generating Personal Power

This idea was prposed by Jin Woo Han at the Greeener Conference, NY January 2009
It is a sell-electricity generator from water. Every house uses water, however, they do not recognize utility of water. They just spend water for many reasons.


Cycool : Cardio Bike with Self Propelled Cooling Fan

Cycool is made for people’s health. Most people turn on an eletronic fan or air conditioner for cool down their body after exercise