Acquaskipper Sea Fly! Waterbird


Wine Rack Sports Bra

Turn an A cup in to double Ds AND sport your favorite beverage for yourself and your friends! This sports bra has a bladder for storing your favorite beverage and a drinking tube to enjoy it.


World’s biggest, baddest subwoofer

Roberto Delle Curti, an audio designer based in Italy has converted the basement of his home into a Gigantic Sub Woofer, consisting of two cavities that are three feet deep and 31 feet long


Every house needs a Tupperware Composter

Probably Tupperware would be there in every kitchen in its one form or the other with its plethora food preparation, serving and storage products. Now Tupperware has come up a solution for the food scraps and waste that we generate everyday


Save Water!

Water will be a rare commodity soon! Or rather it already is … Earlier we understand this fact and start conserving , better for us and the future. These three gizmos may be not totally practical , in terms of costs and current recession cycle but they are too good to be just ignored


IPOD for yet unborn

Although there is scientific evidence to support the theory that that babies are responsive to the parent’s voices and are soothed by music when in the womb, Geof Ramsay’s music player wraps around the pregnant mummys tummy


3D TV glasses

Designer Chris Nobles has made watching movie on you television more retro and real.