Amazing dance a brain can’t process

This dance will blow your brain! Your mind can’t process this dance properly due to the costumes

Advertising: Mouse Trap Nolan’s Cheddar Seriously Strong


National Skirt Extension Project

Tt would be indeed a fact that some NGO in South Africa , totally out of good causes left to thought about, is truly campaigning for long skirts for the Womens Restroom signboards

Teaching Goldie to Bend It Like Beckhan!

Ever thought of getting your Goldfish into a stunt school … Well! there is none , even if you wanted one too. BUT there is training kit , that claims to give you knowhow and tools of the trade to train your Gold Fish to do some monkey tricks.


Shelves for Life and Beyond

Now thats an idea , that I can take to my grave … literally. This DIY bookcase-slash-coffin will hold your possessions in life and you in your grave.